mHealth Revolution

benjamin-franklins-printing-press-science-sourceIt’s been called the ‘blockbuster drug of the century’ and the ‘Gutenberg Press of Medicine’. One thing is certain, the little smartphone in your pocket is ushering in a medical revolution.


Smartphones will power virtual physician visits and thereby reduce the need for patients to go to doctor’s offices and endure long waiting times

Smartphones will perform blood tests, medical scans and even parts of a physical examination.

Smartphones will give patients access to their own medical records and generate their own medical data, especially when coupled with other wearable sensors 

Smartphones will enable continuous, preventative care.  Artificial and human intelligence in the cloud will keep track of your health risks and help you manage your health better

Smartphones will improve transparency and choice, letting consumers shop smartly for medical services

Smartphones will boost medical research, by enabling trial recruitment at much greater scale and vastly expanding the scope and volume of data being collected

In sum, smartphones are powering a long overdue medical revolution that will bring democracy to medicine! And now you can be a part of that revolution. Join us at the mHealth Hackathon to build the future of healthcare.