Belgium’s top healthcare and technology brains spent a day together brainstorming ideas for the mHEALTH HACKATHON. These ideas – organised in 6 topics below – express real needs and opportunities in the market today. Solve any of these challenges and your chances of success, of making a difference, increase manifold.

Bringing healthcare home

Empowering patients and healthcare professionals to manage health problems remotely or from the patient’s home.

Delighting patients

Making healthcare services more convenient, less complicated, less stressful and generally more delightful to experience

Over- and underconsumption of medicine

Medication adherence is still one of the biggest problems, that if solved would save billions of euros and radically improve outcomes.

Performance metrics

There are thousands of mHealth apps available but how can patients and physicians decide which tool best addresses their needs? How can we bring hard science to the world of apps?

Clinical Trials

Belgium is a world leader in the management of clinical trials. How can we build on those capabilities? How can we protect and further improve Belgium's competitive advantage in clinical trials?

Personalised prevention

Most chronic diseases can be prevented. But prevention and lifestyle change is hard. How can digital tools help?

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