Michael Dillhyon, founder of health data exchange HealthBank, is superhero for mHealth Hackathon!

Michael Dillhyon team picMichael is the Founder of Geneva-based healthbank, the only citizen-owned, health data exchange cooperative.  He is also a General Partner with Rollspeed and Avadilon, Swiss-based investment funds concentrating on growth stage mHealth and health data opportunities.  Additionally, Michael is currently an Advisor for HealthXL, a global market for health innovations and insights.

During 2014 and 2015, Michael was President of Vital Connect, Europe, a medical device and healthcare technology company focused on clinical grade biosensors.

In 2013, Michael was the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) for SystemsX, Switzerland’s largest (800M CHF) early stage life sciences fund, and served as a mentor for the ETH Entrepreneurship Lab.

Prior to 2013, Michael served as Chairman of Genebio, a bioinformatics software firm, and sat on the Strategic Advisory Committee for HealthTIES, an EU-backed consortium of four of Europe’s top regions in biosciences, medical technology and health entrepreneurship.

Before moving to Switzerland in 2004, Michael co-founded two US-based firms: Netelligent Corporation and ActiveObjects, where he held the roles of President, Chairman and CEO respectively.


Groupe Jolimont, major healthcare provider in Wallonia, is superhero at mHealthHackathon!

The Groupe Jolimont has a staff of 5.000 employees and medical doctors. The Group is a network of health and care institutions located in the south part of Belgium (Brabant Wallon and Hainaut). Their common goal is to help the population in each stage of life (hospital and ambulatory care, children facilities, elderly homes, help to persons experiencing life problems,…). Jolimont is the biggest healthcare group in Wallonia.
The Group has an experience of more than 130 years in health experience and expertise: up to date equipment, qualified staff, culture of excellence,..
Jolimont puts people first, a fundamental value underpinning the development of the projects and units.
The Group Jolimont is organized in three poles:
1. hospital sector: 1.400 beds in 6 facilities
2. Senior network (Short stay units, Serviced apartments, Elderly homes)
3. Children, mental health and addictions area

Jolimont Group will provide the following expertise during the hackathon:
– functional expertise (hospital, elderly home, nursery,…)
– “legal” expertise (regulation, standard,…)
– Technical imput (exchange of health data, Belgian initiative in health data exchange,…)
– State of the art (market knowledge)
– Constructive feedback on projects

David Vison, founder & ceo of SocialWellth (SaaS digital health solution provider serving nearly 50 million consumers) is new superhero of mHealth Hackathon, 18-20 March 2016!

Superb news! David Vison, founder and CEO of SocialWellth, one of the largest digital health curated networks of connected consumers with a reach of nearly 50 million consumers, is a new superhero for the mHealth Hackathon, 18-20 March Brussels!

SocialWellth connects consumers with health insurance plans and healthcare providers by integrating and aggregating digital health assets with incentives and social engagement while delivering a human-centered experience to end consumers. SocialWellth clients include large health plans such as Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and several Fortune 500 employers. SocialWellth is headquartered in New York and Las Vegas.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) digital health solution provider, SocialWellth pioneered “prescriptive digital health” – a healthcare intervention model that enables healthcare sponsors to prescribe “curated” digital health assets and services to their end consumers at relevant touch points in their health journey, and in turn, receive actionable data of consumer behavior and health status. SocialWellth’s HIPAA-compliant mobile computing platform harnesses the potential to inform and empower consumers through personalized social engagement, mHealth apps, devices and related digital assets to positively impact, educate and influence healthcare decision making and overall wellbeing. At its core, SocialWellth’s solutions enable healthcare providers to “smart prescribe” highly targeted care bundles (including apps, devices, educational content and coaching resources) to consumers at the point of care.

About David Vison – Founder and CEO SocialWellth
David Vinson Photo-For Official Use [1844632]David is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned consumer engagement visionary on a social mission to harmonize health one person, one day and one experience at a time. As a digital health entrepreneur, David ignites out-of-box transformative digital health strategies and innovative solutions for healthcare sponsors. David’s passion lies in designing user experiences that engages consumers for life in their daily health journey.
As a consumer engagement design expert, David has the innate ability to understand that a consumer experience is an emotional connection. David’s mantra is “harmonizing digital health” that leverages user design input and actionable insights to help shape consumer experiences into positive ones.
David is currently the Founder and CEO of SocialWellth, a digital health company that enables healthcare sponsors to prescribe curated digital health assets while delivering a human centered experience for consumers.

MediQuality new superhero at mHealth Hackathon, 18-20 March 2016!

MediQuality is the leading “on-line physician community” and digital media for healthcare professionals (HCP) in Belgium and Luxembourg. In 2015, more than 5,000 different HCPs were reached (UV; Unique Visitor) every day, 14,000 HCP UV every week and 21,000 every month. MediQuality is, by far, the leader in Belgium. It is also the sole player on the Luxemburg market and a challenger in the Netherlands.

As digital media, MediQuality produces different kind of contents: actuality/ news for healthcare professionals and medical information selected from a network or sources and/or produced by its editorial team. As-online community, MediQuality receives spontaneous contributions from key stakeholders and generates interactions between its members, being the place were discussion between HCPs happen and a reference media for the health stakeholders.

MediQuality offers a simple and efficient way to engage doctors of all specialties across BeNelux with measurable impact. The advantages for pharmaceutical companies are numerous: Authenticated and trusted online physician communities, immediate access, data-driven, local relevance and compliance, consistent and efficient, targeting of doctors for broad and meaningful engagement, fast turnaround of campaigns and measurable outcomes through detailed, real-time reporting of activity, and positive impact and ROI. On MediQuality objective of both healthcare providers (being informed, discuss with peers, getting education) and pharmaceutical companies converge.

As digital player and leader, MediQuality is also regularly involved, as advisor, in some (digital) patient engagement initiatives and is a logical sponsor and supporter of this first Hackathon.

Ms Tiphaine Barras will represent MediQuality at the hackathon. She is Sales Manager BeLux for MediQuality.

As digital expert, she can advise you about how to raise the interest of physicians, what health issues and “key performance indicators” are important to them and how to build a true patient engagement experience that involves in a constructive manner these key health stakeholders.

As an expert of the pharmaceutical industry, she might also help understand the needs of pharmaco’s.


PAQS (Brussels/Wallonia healthcare provider association) is superhero at the mHealth Hackathon Brussels 18-20 March!

PAQS (Plateforme pour l’Amélioration continue de la Qualité des soins et de la Sécurité des patients) is a not-for-profit organization that gathers stakeholders in healthcare in order to work together, in a consistent and cohesive approach, to the continuous improvement of quality of care and patient safety. PAQS endeavors to offer a strong support to the various projects developed and implemented within healthcare organizations in Wallonia and Brussels.
PAQS will contribute to the Hackathon by sharing its expertise and knowledge of the hospital and healthcare sector. PAQS will be available for feedback and advice.

Three pharmacists superheroes will answer all your questions during the mHealth Hackathon 18-20 March Brussels!

Pharmacist Simon Ghijselings will answer all kinds of questions regarding pharmacy; medication delivery, billing, handling, logistics, legislation, reimbursement, … you name it!

Pharmacist Geert Heungens, pharmacist from Gentbrugge will be available via telephone for any questions.

And the pharmacy team of Apotheos, a pharmacy in Zwijnaarde, will be available for feedback and advice at mHealth Hackathon!

IBM will provide access to their Bluemix cloud platform at mHealth Hackathon 18-20 March. Free Webinar 17th of March.

Power news! During the mHealth Hackathon, IBM will provide access to their Bluemix cloud platform and IBM Watson Internet of Things platform allowing you to use prepacked functionality, including cognitive computing services. Bluemix will help you get started quickly with an IoT application in the cloud, since all necessary services and APIs are available immediately. In a next step, the Watson IoT platform allows for in-depth analysis. Cognitive IoT is not explicitly programmed. The platform learns from experiences with the environment and interactions with people, using natural language processing, among other things. In this sense, Watson adds eyes and ears – even a brain – to the IoT application.

We invite you to an introductionary Bluemix webinar on the 17th of March at 17h. Please register here.  Looking forward to seeing you there!



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