MediQuality new superhero at mHealth Hackathon, 18-20 March 2016!

MediQuality is the leading “on-line physician community” and digital media for healthcare professionals (HCP) in Belgium and Luxembourg. In 2015, more than 5,000 different HCPs were reached (UV; Unique Visitor) every day, 14,000 HCP UV every week and 21,000 every month. MediQuality is, by far, the leader in Belgium. It is also the sole player on the Luxemburg market and a challenger in the Netherlands.

As digital media, MediQuality produces different kind of contents: actuality/ news for healthcare professionals and medical information selected from a network or sources and/or produced by its editorial team. As-online community, MediQuality receives spontaneous contributions from key stakeholders and generates interactions between its members, being the place were discussion between HCPs happen and a reference media for the health stakeholders.

MediQuality offers a simple and efficient way to engage doctors of all specialties across BeNelux with measurable impact. The advantages for pharmaceutical companies are numerous: Authenticated and trusted online physician communities, immediate access, data-driven, local relevance and compliance, consistent and efficient, targeting of doctors for broad and meaningful engagement, fast turnaround of campaigns and measurable outcomes through detailed, real-time reporting of activity, and positive impact and ROI. On MediQuality objective of both healthcare providers (being informed, discuss with peers, getting education) and pharmaceutical companies converge.

As digital player and leader, MediQuality is also regularly involved, as advisor, in some (digital) patient engagement initiatives and is a logical sponsor and supporter of this first Hackathon.

Ms Tiphaine Barras will represent MediQuality at the hackathon. She is Sales Manager BeLux for MediQuality.

As digital expert, she can advise you about how to raise the interest of physicians, what health issues and “key performance indicators” are important to them and how to build a true patient engagement experience that involves in a constructive manner these key health stakeholders.

As an expert of the pharmaceutical industry, she might also help understand the needs of pharmaco’s.


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