David Vison, founder & ceo of SocialWellth (SaaS digital health solution provider serving nearly 50 million consumers) is new superhero of mHealth Hackathon, 18-20 March 2016!

Superb news! David Vison, founder and CEO of SocialWellth, one of the largest digital health curated networks of connected consumers with a reach of nearly 50 million consumers, is a new superhero for the mHealth Hackathon, 18-20 March Brussels!

SocialWellth connects consumers with health insurance plans and healthcare providers by integrating and aggregating digital health assets with incentives and social engagement while delivering a human-centered experience to end consumers. SocialWellth clients include large health plans such as Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and several Fortune 500 employers. SocialWellth is headquartered in New York and Las Vegas.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) digital health solution provider, SocialWellth pioneered “prescriptive digital health” – a healthcare intervention model that enables healthcare sponsors to prescribe “curated” digital health assets and services to their end consumers at relevant touch points in their health journey, and in turn, receive actionable data of consumer behavior and health status. SocialWellth’s HIPAA-compliant mobile computing platform harnesses the potential to inform and empower consumers through personalized social engagement, mHealth apps, devices and related digital assets to positively impact, educate and influence healthcare decision making and overall wellbeing. At its core, SocialWellth’s solutions enable healthcare providers to “smart prescribe” highly targeted care bundles (including apps, devices, educational content and coaching resources) to consumers at the point of care.

About David Vison – Founder and CEO SocialWellth
David Vinson Photo-For Official Use [1844632]David is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned consumer engagement visionary on a social mission to harmonize health one person, one day and one experience at a time. As a digital health entrepreneur, David ignites out-of-box transformative digital health strategies and innovative solutions for healthcare sponsors. David’s passion lies in designing user experiences that engages consumers for life in their daily health journey.
As a consumer engagement design expert, David has the innate ability to understand that a consumer experience is an emotional connection. David’s mantra is “harmonizing digital health” that leverages user design input and actionable insights to help shape consumer experiences into positive ones.
David is currently the Founder and CEO of SocialWellth, a digital health company that enables healthcare sponsors to prescribe curated digital health assets while delivering a human centered experience for consumers.

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